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r e s u m e   w r i t i n g

Make sure your resume is future oriented and employer - centered. Use your resume to clearly communicate to employers what it is that you can do for them. Issues concerning your criminal record are best dealt with during the job interview (regarding resume).

Avoid the chronological format. This format, with its ordering of employers and dates, tends to point up the two major weaknesses of ex-offenders -- limited work experience and major employment time gaps. Instead, choose a functional resume (see example below).


This is organized by skill instead of work experience. By choosing a functional, format or hybrid resume, . This is relating to the job you seek by highlighting skills, education, and personal qualities. 

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If your incarceration was more recent, a functional resume may be more appropriate. A functional resume is organized by skill rather than by position.


For instance, you may list "Organizational Skills" and then provide specific examples of how you have learned and/or displayed strong organizational skills.  This allows you to focus on the qualities you'd most like to highlight and draw examples from both traditional and nontraditional sources of experience."

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