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c a l i f o r n i a 

Bishop DMV
(800) 777-0133
1115 W Line St, Bishop, CA 93514

South Lake Tahoe DMV
(800) 777-0133

3344 B Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Mammoth Lakes Registration Services
501 Old Mammoth Rd.
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

-- Offers Fee-based DMV services:registration renewals, title/ownership transfers, duplicate titles, license plates & stickers. 


Being allowed to travel to and from your employment, medical appointments and any other court ordered programs. 

1. Click here to determine DMV eligibility & for Real ID Checklist

2. Wait for 30 days or until your "hard suspension" period is over. You may also have to install an IID (Ignition Interlock Device -- click here for options) in your vehicle. Keep any receipts just in case you need to prove installment.

3. Enroll in DUI school / traffic School -- Click here for more info on DUI requirements from CA DMV 

4. Enroll in any other court ordered programs that may apply to you. 

5. Apply for the right car insurance. You must show proof of financial responsibility.

DUI responsibility FAQ page here

Info on AB60 form

Steps to obtain a drivers license: 
1. Make an appointment with local DMV (walk-ins are only accepted at our Driver License Processing Centers) 

2. Complete Driver License of Identification Card Application form (DL 44) 

3. Bring your Social Security Card

4. Present Acceptable residency documents. See list here

5. Pay the application fee: $33-34 depending on type.
Driving retest is $7

(Click here for an example of a 
SR-22 form). This form is filed from the insurance company to the DMV after you purchase coverage. 

Call the California Department of Insurance if you have trouble. 
1.800.927.4357 or send them an email here.

6. Pay all reinstatement, reissue and and restriction fees.
Click here to pay Traffic School fees or using EPay-it online. 

7. Apply for your temporary restricted driver's license. Go to your local DMV, and bring proof of enrollment (SR-22). Be prepared to pay a fee of $125 ($100 if you are under 21 when incident occurred). 

driving record?

How long will the DUI charge appear on my 

10 years from the violation date. According to new legislature, extending the reporting period from DUI offenses from 7 to 10 years. 

cancels my coverage?

What if my insurance company

Call your insurance provider and ask if they would offer you a policy without a good driver discount.
Call 310.589.3714

following will apply.

If refused or failed to complete PAS or chemical test, & you were court-ordered per probation for a DUI conviction of CVC 23152 or 23153

First offense: 1 year suspension, (2 year revocation if on DUI probation)

Second offense: within 10 years of a separate violation (driving under the influence), you will result in a 2 year revocation; a 3 year revocation if you are on DUI probation

Three or More Offenses: within 10 year of any combinations of all violations will results in a 3 year revocation. 

after 10 years?

Will my DUI violation automatically be removed from my driving record 

Yes, a DUI offense that occurred more than 10 years ago will not appear on your out-of-house/public driving record. 

DUI / AA, etc?

Can you drive to Court Ordered School 

Double check that it is okay with your Probation Officer. Also, it might be a good idea to save any print out schedules for the classes you are taking. 

driver safety offices

If you have questions call one of these 

Bakersfield: 661.833.2103
Fresno: 559.445.6399
Sacramento: 916.227.2970
San Diego: 858.627.3901

reported to my employer?

My employer participates in the DMV Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program. My employer is not aware that I had a DUI in December 1997. Will my DUI now by 

Yes, your DUI will again report on your driving record (since it occurred within the past 10 years). The departments EPN program automatically generates and then mails a driver record to the employer. 

see below

If you took a PAS / Chemical Test and your resullts show BAC level of 0.01% or more

On Probation for prior DUI conviction of CVC (California
Vehicle Code) 23152 or 23153

APS (administrative license suspension program known as "Admin Per se" suspension

DMV will impose a concurrent 1 year suspension based on violation and won't be eligible for a restricted driver license during the 1st year period. 


You must notify DMV before you cancel your

To prevent a vehicle registration suspension, notify your local DMV before you cancel your insurance. If you aren't operating your currently registered vehicle and it isn't parked on a California roadway, you may submit an Affidavit of Non-Use (ANU REG 5090 form -- click here for PDF

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