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probation officers in Mono County

Karin Humiston
Chief of Probation
(B) 760.932.5572

Jeff Mills
Fiscal and Technical Specialist
(B) 760.932.5573

Erin Knight
Probation Technician
(B) 760.932.5577

Jonathan Himelhoch
Deputy Probation Officer

(M) 760.924.1733

(B) 760.932.5568

Dylan Whitmore 
Deputy Probation Officer
(M) 760.932.5575
(B) 760.924.1739

Amanda Wagner
Deputy Probation Officer
(B) 760-924-1736

Alastair Flores
Deputy Probation Officer

Jazmin Barkley
Deputy Probation Officer
(B) 760.932.1764

Erin Van Kampen
Deputy Probation Officer
(M) 760.924.1734
(B) 760.932.5576

Leianna Daley
Deputy Probation Officer
(B) 760.932.5574

Orlando Mejia

Deputy Probation Officer

(B) 760.924.4618

frequently asked questions

formal/supervised or conditional / informal probation?

Formal/Supervised: under supervision of Mono County Probation Department

Conditional/Informal: still a grant of Probation but will be handled by the Court and the Judge. 

can't pay multiple fines or on time?

Make contact with the Court explaining your difficulties in paying. 

(760) 932-5239
Mammoth Lakes
(760) 924-5444

Traffic Inquiries Only:

Civil Inquiries Only:

If the amount isn't paid by the termination date of Probation, the restitution can be converted to a civil judgement. The Mono County Probation Department charges $30.00 monthly for Probation supervision. If the fee is not paid in full by termination of the Probation grant, this will result in a civil judgement collections process conducted by Mono County. 


There are two types of Restitution. 
Order: This is your debt (as an offender) to the victim. This can include property, repair bills, funeral expenses, other future medical costs, etc to the victim. You may not negotiate the cost. 
Fines: This is your debt (as an offender) to society and part of your rehabilitation. This also depends on the crime committed. 
Here is the 

can I live elsewhere when on formal/supervised Probation?

Yes with the advise from Mono County Probation Department. Per 1203.9 of the California Penal Code, a transfer will take place and the jurisdiction of your case will be transferred to county you reside in. If you would like to transfer to live out of state an Interstate Compact Transfer will have to take place. Please note that Probation can deny these services as well as the state you apply to live in. Both transfers cost $75.00. 


The Probation Department completes the
Pre-sentence Report. On this it breaks down some key costs that you will be responsible for. 

Felony case - est. $400
Misdemeanor - est. $200

You may have to pay a portion of this above cost.
There also is a $30 monthly costs associated with Probation Supervision. If not paid by the expiration date, you will be sent to the counties finance department to begin collections process. 

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