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r e s u m e   w r i t i n g

Do your homework.

In the cover letter refer to the job, specific position and company to show your interest.

Explain how your skills relate to the
job you’re apply for.

If you’re writing an email cover letter, don’t leave your subject line blank.  Make it clear and specific to the position that you are apply for.
Example:  “Bilingual CPA seeks account manager position.”

Your letter should honestly state your record and time served. Let your interviewer know you are taking responsibility for your actions.

*Cover Letter tips and resources came from:,, &

You can also include in the letter after you mention your conviction, what kind of programs you are eligible for that will help your employer.

If you want to write something like, “ I can understand why you may be hesitant to hire someone with my background.I will be happy to provide you more information about those programs when we meet.”

However, I am eligible for The Federal Bonding Program ( and Work Opportunity Tax Credits ( to save some money this year. 

Note- Remove mention of Tax Credit opportunity if it has been more than a year from your release date.

-example cover letter to the right
Monster.Com- Career advice
tips added to cover letter to the right from forum 

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