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r e p o r t   t o   p r o b a t i o n

Report within 24 hours (if ordered by the Court or if you were previously instructed to). Do you have any restitution fees ? Are you under supervision or non supervised ?
Probation Website


57 Bryant St. 

Mammoth Lakes
1290 Tavern Road
Mammoth Lakes CA  93546


Make an appointment with CalWORKS to help with employment (local Social Services offices listed below). You can also set up an appointment around the same time to discuss other options with a case worker like CalFresh benefits and Medi-cal.

Social Services Website

(530) 495-1262 

107384 Hwy 395 PO Box 579

(760) 932-5600

37 Emigrant  Street PO Box 576                      

Mammoth Lakes:
(760) 924-1770

1290 Tavern Road, Mammoth Lakes CA  93546 PO Box 2969 

Do you need any CalFresh benefits (food stamps). Please go to one of the Social Services office to fill out an application. 

c a l w o r k s

c a l f r e s h

h e a l t h   i n s u r a n c e

Do you have any health insurance? Refer to Social Services addresses above to fill out an application if already not applied.​   
 - Can apply regardless of immigration status. 

Make any necessary medical appointments to make sure needs are taken care of, such as refilling prescriptions. 

           Toiyabe Indian Health Project, Inc.:     


73 Camp Antelope Rd., Coleville, CA 96107

Mammoth Lakes Hospital:     


85 Sierra Park Road Mammoth Lakes,

CA 93546


Walker Thrift Store:     

399 Mule Deer Rd, Coleville CA 96107
Closed: Sunday and Monday


Second Chance Thrift Store     


501 Old Mammoth Rd. Mammoth Lakes,

CA 93546

Open: 7 days a week

Cast Off     

Closed: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

m e d i c a l   a p p o i n t m e n t s

l a s t   m i n u t e   c l o t h i n g

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